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Tuesday, May 2, 2017


     Once again it's hunting season for John. Anytime the suggestion of a burger is made, he perks up like an English setter sniffing out game.
     ROK:BRGR is a stone's throw from the campus of the University of Miami, so it stands to reason that its patrons are mostly college students and preppies in general. We saw lots of twenty-somethings in Bermuda shorts and boat shoes, young ladies in bright summer shift dresses, and even some bow ties. The hostess herself was an exotic young lady with a dynamic smile, and beautiful caramel skin accentuated by pink hair.
She was the perfect representation of the joint's chic collegiate vibe.
     It's a small space, a third of which is taken by a wall-to-wall bar with five flat-screens showing any and all sports battles happening in real time. However, additional seating outside welcomes more patrons, even those of the furry four-legged persuasion.
     The lychee martini on the cocktail menu beckoned, and I, of course, obliged without hesitation. John ordered a Fat Tire just because it's familiar beer, and he likes the name. My martini was sweet and zesty in all the right places. The splash of pineapple overshadowed the subtle taste of the lychee syrup a bit, but the skewer of lychee fruit made up for that quite nicely.
     John ordered the award-winning signature ROK:BRGR with aged Vermont cheddar and smoked pepper bacon. Lately, I've been craving a fried egg on everything, so the Farmhouse, with cage aged gruyere, caramelized onions, garlic aioli, and topped with a fried farm egg piqued my interest.
     The mix of prime chuck, brisket, and short rib makes for a deep-flavored, juicy meat patty, but we can all agree that cooking it to the desired degree is key to a satisfactory burger experience. John and I like ours medium, and these burgers came a little closer to medium well. I missed that shy pink peeking from the inside of my meat.
     The bun was an artisan brioche that I wanted to like, but was simply too dry and disconnected from the burger and its fixin's. On hindsight, I should've ordered the optional pretzel bread. John had his with hand-cut fries, and I upgraded to sweet potato wedges. The fries were limp and forgettable, and the wedges were predictable but generous in size.
     ROK:BRGR is great on paper. Good location, pleasant atmosphere, quality service- it's all there. But as for the burgers, our hunt continues.

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