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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Boater's Grill

     Finally! A beachy afternoon at the foot of my favorite lighthouse in Key Biscayne. I waited patiently for a weekend not plagued with Summer storms, and as soon as the weatherman gave the go-ahead, we were off! Sunset-painted skies, evening tropical breezes, the ocean as warm as bath water, a little sangria... This is why I live in Florida!
     As the sun continued its gentle farewell to the day, I set out to get my seafood fix. Boater's Grill sits high over an inlet in Key Biscayne called No Name Harbor, where vessels drift lazily in and out, which makes for a picturesque view from the restaurant deck. If you can coerce the mosquitoes into leaving you alone, the scene can be quite zen.
     And that's where the appeal ends for me. The portions were small, food presentation was sloppy, the price was arrogantly high and didn't even include a basket of bread on the table, and the waiter seemed inconvenienced by having to do his job.
     John wasn't feeling seafood so he ordered Chicken Fetuccini Alfredo. Surprisingly, their Alfredo sauce was not terrible. I ordered Shrimp Scampi with a side of black beans and yucca fritters. I got six unimpressive shrimp swimming in somewhat watery garlic sauce, beans that tasted like they were from a can, and totally bland yucca fritters.
     Been there, done that, blogged about it. Sailing on!

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