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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

2015 Kitchen Experiment #2 - Coconut Bread Pudding

      I'm tired of throwing away stale bread. I don't want to make croutons with it because I don't use them that much, but I've heard in many circles that bread pudding is the way to go. What stopped me in the past is that it seemed hard to make, so this time I did my due diligence and researched an easy way to recycle the loaf of Cuban bread that laid abandoned on my kitchen counter.
     A quart and a half of milk, a bag of flaked coconut, a cup and a half of sugar and a little almond extract later, I had an enormous bread pudding with a mild but comforting flavor, an airy dough and a lot of warm coconut. I extended the experiment by producing two toppings- a Limoncello whipped cream and a caramel rum sauce. The whipped cream was good enough to eat by itself, but it married beautifully with the coconut in the pudding. What I couldn't predict was how that caramel rum sauce would turn the bread pudding into an A-list star.
     I fought for my cause and accomplished my task: I saved the bread!

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