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Friday, May 29, 2015

The Green Flash

     What is a 'green flash'? It's a rare optical phenomenon that can happen right at the end of a sunset for maybe a second or two when a green spot appears on the rim of the sun. I started with that factoid because it's the first thing I wanted to know when I got the recommendation for this restaurant. That business out of the way, let's get down to the food facts.
     The Green Flash is spacious and bright with a lovely dock where boats can glide in for a leisurely lunch or dinner before sailing off once again into the bay. The art on the walls consists of images of beach landscapes and people dressed in elegant beach attire reminiscent of The Great Gatsby.
     We stopped for a quick lunch before heading back home after our Spring Break weekend. John ordered the bacon-wrapped barbecue shrimp with fries. I ordered the Maryland crab cake sandwich with fries and coleslaw. We were warned that John's dish would only include five shrimp, but somehow we were still surprised that it looked so poor. Maybe we thought the shrimp would be bigger. Maybe it was the uninspired fries.
     My Maryland crab cake was generous but on the bland side. Crab meat comes alive with the proper seasoning, and I don't mean hot spices. It came on a simple hamburger bun which made it easier for me to skip the bread altogether. Nothing like unimaginative food to help you watch your intake. The sandwich also came with some of those lackluster fries.
     One notable element was the coleslaw. It was fresh with just the right amount of mayonnaise in the dressing to keep it light. I couldn't detect any ingredients outside of the traditional recipe, and yet this coleslaw had a hint of green apple that made it exceptional. It had to be something in the dressing.
     Our lunch was so mediocre, we weren't even curious about the desserts. It was time to go home.

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