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Friday, July 24, 2015

Black Point Ocean Grill

     Boaters, bikers and closet karaoke lovers congregate here for some frugal seafood and live music. Black Point Ocean Grill resembles many found all along Overseas Highway in the Florida Keys. It overlooks a  tiny marina within a city park in Homestead, and it appears to be packed all the time.
     The wait on this Sunday evening was 45 minutes, and service was very slow. Once we were seated, it took fifteen minutes before we placed our order, and that was because a waiter happened to notice that we had been sitting unattended for a while. He brought our Cokes out quickly, but our entrees took another twenty minutes to arrive.

     It got better after that. I ordered the swordfish filet with long grain and wild rice and a spinach souffle. John ordered the seafood Alfredo. My swordfish was not the fanciest of filets but it was generous and well seasoned, and flash fried so the breading didn't distract from the fleshy and flavorful fish. I'm willing to bet my rice came from Uncle Ben's cupboard, and what they called a souffle is actually creamed spinach, but it was warm and savory and a good partner for the fish. John's pasta dish was generous enough for him to take some home, and he found it predictable but satisfying.

      This time we assessed how pleased we were with our entrees before making a decision on dessert. Considering our track record, our new rule is if the entrees disappoint, we skip dessert no matter how whimsical the name. We liked our meals so we ordered the Coconut Bomb and it was quite pleasant- a moist vanilla cake filled with coconut cream and covered in flaky coconut frosting. Coconut is one of those flavors from which I expect zero subtlety. It has to stimulate my taste buds from the first bite. This cake fulfilled that expectation quite nicely. It wasn't a 'WOW!' but it was certainly a 'Well done!' just like the rest of the meal.
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