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Monday, September 28, 2015

Bobboi Natural Gelato

      Here it is! Our first encounter with authentic gelato outside of Italy. Bobboi is located in LaJolla, California, a lovely suburb of San Diego. The Italian owners take pains to demonstrate to the employees the slow, loving process of making real flavors daily, fresh and on the premises, using only California milk and organic fruit and sugar. The employees, in turn, share the information with any patron that shows interest. They speak their knowledge in near reverence, as they should.
     You won't find the infinite rows of flavor options that you see in most Italian gelato counters, but the dozen or so choices are masterfully crafted and well thought out, so ingenious combinations can be made in a cup. John had the strawberry and 'Bacio', or chocolate and hazelnut, and I mixed the 'Mediterraneo', a combination of pistachio, hazelnut and almond, with the salted caramel. Each flavor had that distinct personality we have come to expect from gelato. Any two can dance well together but one never takes away from the other.
      I was starting to wonder if there was anyone in the U.S. that could make gelato like it's done in Italy. I figured we must have the technology, there are many Italo-Americans in the country, we produce quality raw materials, so what's the secret? Why is it so elusive? Having found one place that can craft this mystical and powerful substance, my faith is renewed and my quest for more places will continue.

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