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Monday, October 19, 2015


     Confession: When the meal is humdrum, I get writer's burnout. I strain to find the words to at least offer an inspired description. But when the fare is imaginative, I can hardly wait to get home and start writing. Food is the muse for this blog, and for me writing about it can be as satisfying as eating it, if the muse ignites. Today the muse is aroused.
     On this, our last Miami Spice outing of the year, we went classic. Christy's is widely known as the quintessential elegant steakhouse in the city, and now I know why.
For thirty years, this polished restaurant has consistently served the finest steaks and other refined dishes in an atmosphere of gentility and exquisite service.
     When our impeccable waiter offered a lychee martini almost immediately after his initial greeting, I knew it would be a good night. It was a little stronger than I prefer, but heavenly just the same. John had a glass of an acceptable Pinot Noir.
     For the appetizer, we both chose the lobster bisque. Even the name is sexy, isn't it? Bisque. I love saying it. And this one was definitely seductive and savory. If you could eat velvet, this is what it would feel like to your palate.

     For entrees, John chose the Filet Mignon, cooked medium, with 'chips', which were really nickel-sized slices of gently fried potatoes. This steak was so beautiful, I just couldn't take my eyes of it as John slowly cut piece after piece. Seared-in juices dripped through the deep pink middle, and the texture was like nothing I've ever experienced in a steak. It melted in my mouth almost instantly, like a dense mousse.
     I had the Red Snapper in lemon beurre blanc and topped with a tossing of  greens, black beans and roasted corn. Every bite of the generous filet was an experience in rich flavor. The citrus-infused butter sauce enhanced the flavor of the fish, and married beautifully with the topping while allowing every element to retain its individuality.
     For dessert, we ordered the Key lime cheesecake and the Four-Nut Brownie. The brownie had a good balance of moist and dense, and any number of nuts is good for me. It came with vanilla ice cream, and although not commensurate with the elegance of the other courses, it punctuated the meal nicely. The cheesecake was a bit of a disappointment. I like the taste of Key lime to be powerful, but the boundary into overwhelming should not be crossed. This dessert had me puckering the whole time. And not to be picky, but the whipped cream wilted right in front of my eyes. Those egg whites never became firm peaks.
     I did a little Math after this lovely meal. John's filet mignon is usually priced around $42. Add roughly $11 for the bisque and another $9 for the dessert. Top that with an extra $9 for the glass of wine and you have a total of $71 for one person. Considering the prix fixe is $39 per person, Miami Spice is a deal you can't beat. Can't wait until next year.

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