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Monday, January 27, 2014

El Rinconcito Latino

     Who knew?! Rinconcito is literally around the corner from my house and I never thought anything of it until a few days ago when I heard some friends and colleagues commenting on the food, the portions and the price.  All the rhapsodizing made me take notice.
     John and I went with high hopes of finding a Cuban restaurant worthy of our discerning palates and with convenient access.  We were not disappointed.  We left with enough leftovers for two more meals at a delightfully reasonable price. And it was good!
     John ordered the "Vaca Frita".  It was slightly on the dry side, but seasoned beautifully.  He frolicked happily in the mountain of white rice and the mini bucket of black beans that flanked his beef.
     I had my standard pork chunks, the benchmark by which I measure all Cuban food.  The robust pieces of meat were probably the most tender I've ever had, and they rested on a succulent bed of glistening sauteed onions.  Every juicy morsel offered my taste buds the perfect combination of garlic and lime marinade.
     Once again, I leave the best for last.  As I walked into the establishment, I saw a picture on the window of a Cuban dish I haven't seen in many years.  Could it be?  Could this place make a decent "Fufu de Plátano" (plantain mash)?  Not just decent - splendid!  Melt-in-your-mouth texture and just the perfect hint of garlic sprinkled with pork rind crisps.
     As I've said before, a satisfying dining experience is predicated on several components, and good service is key.  Not only was the service efficient, professional and prompt, but they exceeded any expectations I could have.  I happened to leave my debit card at the restaurant and didn't realize it until the next morning.  When I made the frantic call, it took no more than thirty seconds for the hostess to check and assure me that my card was safely stored and waiting for me to pick it up.  That alone wins them a spot on my very selective "Keepers" list.  The delectable food doesn't hurt either.

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