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Monday, February 3, 2014

Way Beyond Bagels

     New York Deli meets Wendy's!
     One crisp, bright Sunday, on our way to the Morikami Japanese gardens in Delray Beach, we found the charming little Way Beyond Bagels in a strip mall nearby. It's nothing more than a U-shaped counter displaying an endless array of the freshest deli salads, breads, meats, sweets... all the items that make up a delicatessen menu, and all made in-house.
     You have to stand in a long but fast moving line and place your order quickly. No time to window shop once the attendant is ready to take your order.
     I ordered a multi-grain bagel with cream cheese and Nova lox and a diet Dr. Brown's Black Cherry soda, which triggered nostalgic memories of my NYC hangout, Carnegie Deli. The Nova was meaty and as good as you would find anywhere. John ordered a pretzel dog and a Coke. He was somewhat overwhelmed by the massive menu and played it safe.      We shared a four-layer chocolate cake with ganash frosting that was begging for a glass of cold milk. 
It's all served in a fast-food tray and presented to you at the register.
     Seating is scarce and extremely tight inside the tiny place, but there are a few additional tables outside. I prefer my deli experience to be a bit more sophisticated, but it turned out to be a refreshing upgrade on fast-food. You can't help but like this tiny joint!

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