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Sunday, February 9, 2014

2014 Kitchen Experiment #2 - Matzoh Ball Soup

     I had a dream...
     I had a dream that one day I would be able to duplicate my grandmother Esther's Matzoh Ball soup. I believe a traditional Jewish Matzoh Ball soup has mystical powers. Yes, we know that chicken soup has healing properties, but a rich chicken broth with egg noodles and thick, meaty matzoh balls from the hands of your Bubbeh is pure magic.
     I now believe that my dream has come to pass...  I made my first matzoh ball soup from scratch!   The broth was hearty and laden with chicken meat, vegetables and noodles and the most delectable, chewy matzoh balls.
     I will have to make some adjustments in the future, but my slight miscalculations did not compromise any of the flavor. My proportions for chicken meat and noodles were slightly off and I feel I didn't have enough broth when it was all said and done, which made for some very chunky servings toward the end, but it tasted oh! so good.
     To make my life easier, I decided to use boneless pieces of chicken not realizing that pound for pound of meat, 8 pieces of boneless chicken do not equal 8 pieces with bones. In the future, I need to adjust to fewer pieces if using boneless and more if using the bones.
     But all's well that ends well, and on an unusually cold January evening, the spirit of my Grandma Esther, in the form of my lovely soup, kept us warm. She would be proud... Mazel to me!

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