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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Island Creperie

     Our idyllic anniversary weekend in Anna Maria Island must come to an end, but before we head home, we indulge one last time with a visit to this quaint little bistro for breakfast. As all structures are in this narrow strip of land, this café is a simple rectangle painted in a vivid shade of lavender. Inside, the tables are small, and the overall tone is decidedly French.
     Coffee was, of course, the first order of the day and both Hubby and I were in a Mocha mood. He didn't care much for what we got. He found it weak and lacking in any coffee flavor because of the chocolate. I found it quite French- not weak but not too strong, and the chocolate flavor didn't offend. Chocolate never does.
     John ordered the Crepe Buckwheat Breakfast with two eggs, mozzarella cheese and bacon, and found it nothing more than satisfactory. I ordered the Big French Breakfast in an attempt to try as many items as I could from one plate. This one included two thin strawberry jam crepes, a small croissant and French toast. All items are dusted with powdered sugar, which for me is always an indication of good things to come. The warm croissant was so light and fresh, I thought it would float out of my hand. The crepes were disappointing, a sadly ironic fact considering the place is a 'creperie'. I don't think it was the quality of the crepe that was lacking, but the fact that they needed something creamy inside to balance the powerfully sweet jam.
     But the French toast...  I'm going to make a big statement, but I'll start with a disclaimer. While it's true that I don't eat French toast with great frequency, I've had my fair share, and I must say that this is probably the best French toast I have ever eaten. You are only served one, but that 'one' is a thick slice of Brioche bread allowed to soak in liquid just long enough to create a moist, pulpous, sweet sponge. I was done. Nothing could possibly follow, and I was thankful for the little island's decadent sendoff as we returned to the real world.

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  1. It looks like a lovely place Bobbie I like the sound of the French Toast! Congratulations on your Anniversary!