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Sunday, January 24, 2016

Brain Freeze Nitrogen Ice Cream & Yogurt Lab

     The word is spreading. Nitrogen ice cream is here to stay, I hope. Our monthly pilgrimage to ChillN is always worth every mile traveled, but the thought of having this delectable treat in my neighborhood is titillating.
     Brain Freeze does ice cream with whimsy. No detail has been overlooked in making the place into a fun science lab. The main wall is splashed with formulas, a behemoth of a nitrogen tank stands guard in the far corner against wallpaper patterned into a gigantic Einstein head. Shelves are bedecked with beakers, lab flasks and syringes full of colorful ice cream toppings. My greatest delights were the 'scientists' behind the counter with their crisp white lab coats.
     The flavor offerings include all the usual suspects plus some combination specials and seasonal options. I was too late to sample the eggnog or the gingerbread so I opted for Nutella yogurt with brownie bites, and John chose a mix of almond butter and chocolate ice cream. Their 'bites' are more like bits, and the ice cream is not as dense as at ChillN, but the flavors were distinctive.
     I will say this, though. We went back for a second visit before this posting, and we found the texture much improved. Things can be better the second time around. You have to give a new establishment time to work out the kinks. John tried Nutella with brownies this time, and I had their Nutella frozen yogurt, crushed pistachios and a syringe of chocolate fudge. I feared my next syringe would have to be full of insulin, but it was totally worth it.
     My science grades would've been much higher if I'd been allowed to experiment with these chemicals and substances back in my school days.

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  1. Nitrogen frozen ice cream is so much better!

  2. I've heard a lot about places like these... wondering if there's one near my area! The ice cream you had, on the other hand, looks fantastic!

    Lisa Favre